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Our Experience

Win Win Security is a security patrol company established and registered on July 21, 2009 by a group of experienced security & safety professionals to provide security patrol & mobile patrol service to commercial, industrial and residential area such as shopping mall, construction site, apartments & parking lot, etc.

Future Development

Technology is advancing fast in the past decades. Electronic security devices are tested to be more efficient and economical. Our company is heading for more resources to develop better equipment and working procedure to help our clients achieve better security with less costs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to successfully build, promote and provide quality security patrol service for our community. With on job training program, our team members will provide a professional security patrol service in a high efficiency & friendly manner. We started our service in Greater Vancouver Region & will extend our service to Lower Mainland in the coming years.

Executive protection service at Lok’s Hapkido School.

Win Win Security takes pride in its executive protection services. Our agents are fully trained for special protection services for special events.

Our agents are trained in Hapkido. A Korean style of self defense system which can subdue the subject with minimum resistance and maintain safety at all times.

A Partnership Program with Lok Hapkido School to maintain the level of expertise, and compliance for any open hand tactics situation.

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