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Wireless alarm system is more reliable than wired. Though it seems counterintuitive, wireless communication is less likely to be disrupted. Wired alarm systems typically rely on a landline. Not only does adding a landline to your monthly utility bills increase your overall cost, but a landline is not overly reliable and is easily defeatable.
In regards to wireless home security systems, there are two options: broadband and cellular. Cellular is regarded as the best option for home alarms. It uses the same type of signal as your cell phone, but an alarm system will work in areas where your cell phone does not. This is possible for two reasons. First of all, an alarm system doesn’t require a strong signal. Second, most alarm companies use multiple carriers. They will select the most reliable signal in your area. On the other hand, Broadband is faster than cellular but relies on your internet. If your internet goes down, so does your security system.
Finally, there are lots of little things that often get overlooked that are essential when shopping security providers. For example, the inclusion of battery backup to protect you from power outages, service throughout Canada beyond major metro areas, the ability to control your system using a mobile app, updated technology, and all the right technology needed to protect your home.

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